Thursday September 20, 2018
PCI Discussion Forum
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PCI Standards

  • PCI PED- PCI PIN Entry Device standards, or PED, applies to companies that manufacture payment devices that accept PIN numbers such as: ATMs, fuels pumps, and kiosks. Manufactures and servicers of PED devices are responsible to adhere to PED compliance standards. PED compliance is part of the overall PCI DSS compliance but that which focuses on point of sale terminals which take PIN numbers in their transaction.

  • PCI PA-DSS- The PA-DSS stands for Payment Application Data Security Standard, and focuses on software applications that store or process cardholder data. PCI PA-DSS ensures that these channels of payment are also in compliance with PCI DSS. Payment devices of these channels that are sold, distributed, or licensed to third-party vendors are still under PCI DSS regulation. Most credit and debit card brands encourage use of approved PCI SSC payment applications.

  • PCI DSS- Data Security Standard, or DSS, is the overall standard for a company to be PCI compliant. PCI DSS includes security practices for areas of a merchant’s business including: policies, procedures, network architecture, and software design. PCI DSS is an overall compliance standard to protect a customer’s data in all facets of e-commerce and encompasses the other standards.
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