Thursday September 20, 2018
PCI Discussion Forum
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PCI- Payment Card Industry, concerns how merchants process and store cardholder data

PCI SSC- Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, the regulatory organization for Payment Card Industry standards

Compliance- The process of being in accordance with Payment Card Industry standards at all times

Validated- Having been self or outside checked for Payment Card Industry compliance and reported to the proper credit card institution

Merchant- Anyone who accepts credit or debit cards as a form of payment

ASV- Approved Scanning Vendors, qualified by the Security Standards Council to perform quarterly system scans to a merchant's PCI systems

QSA- Qualified Security Assessors, qualified by the Security Standards Council to perform annual audits of a merchant's PCI systems

PCI DSS- Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the overall Payment Card Industry compliance standard

PCI PA-DSS-Payment Card Industry Payment Application Data Security Standard, focuses on software dealing with cardholder data

PCI PED- Payment Card Industry Pin Entry Devices, for payment terminals which include: ATMs, kiosks, and fuel pumps

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