Thursday September 20, 2018
PCI Discussion Forum

  • Noncompliance Fines- The consequences of not being PCI compliant range from $5,000 to $500,000, which is levied by banks and credit card institutions. Banks may fine based on forensic research they must perform to remediate noncompliance. Credit card institutions may levy fines as a punishment for noncompliance and propose a timeline of increasing fines. The following table is an example of a time-cost schedule which Visa uses.

    Level 1
    Level 2
    1 to 3
    $10,000 monthly
    $5,000 monthly
    4 to 6
    $50,000 monthly
    $25,000 monthly
    7 and on
    $100,000 monthly
    $50,000 monthly

  • Breach Consequences- Even if a company is 100% PCI compliant and validated, a breach in cardholder data may still occur. Cardholder Breaches can result in the following losses for a merchant.
    • $50-$90 fine per cardholder data compromised
    • Suspension of credit card acceptance by a merchant’s credit card account provider
    • Loss of reputation with customers, suppliers, and partners
    • Possible civil litigation from breached customers
    • Loss of customer trust which effects future sales

  • Calculator- This calculator is provided to give an estimate of penalties a company may assume if a breach of customer data were to happen. Inputs into this calculation include: discovery and notification, employee opportunity costs, customer opportunity costs, regulatory fines, civil restitutions, audit costs, and other liabilities. Click here to use the calculator.

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